Kelly Pardekooper

Kelly Pardekooper

Iowa City native Kelly Pardekooper is a songwriter, singer, guitar playing noise-maker currently based in Indianapolis. He sound traffics in Americana Alt-country Folk Blues Rock. Has toured all over the United States and Europe and showcased his songs/voice everywhere from SXSW in Austin to the Take Root Festival in Holland. He has just released his sixth album Yonder produced by Grammy nominated guitar master Bo Ramsey. Recent television song credits include True Blood, Justified, Cold Case, Blue Bloods, Sons of Anarchy, Make It Or Break It, CMT and HGTV. Film song credits include Sex and the USA and April Moon. Kelly Pardekooper writes songs and tries to treat people well!

“A moody alt-country original.” - Nashville Scene

“Kelly’s new album Yonder is some of the best Americana folk-country-blues-rock-roll-soul-rumble I’ve heard in a while” - No Depression

“What makes Brand New Bag so consistently good is Pardekooper’s ability to show different sides of his craft without diminishing the song’s quality or shortchanging himself. 8/10 Stars!” - PopMatters

City At Night Fly On The Wall

Kelly Pardekooper

21st Century Trailer Park
Artist(s): Kelly Pardekooper

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Alternative Country, Americana, Country, Folk, Male Vocal, Rock, Singer Songwriter

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Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Slide Guitar




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21st Century Trailer Park

Take this town and dump it in the river
All these condo are brown they ain't got no heart
They're waiting on the highway for the next tornado
21st century trailer parks

I been here since I was young
I'll be god damned if I hold my tongue
Shady developers with big bankrolls
Are sucking out all the soul
Sucking out all the soul

Just clear out the old ones to bring in the new ones
And build them apartments right upstairs
They don't have to see them all puking on our downtown
When the money rolls in they don't care

It's been this way now oh so long
It's hard to put your finger on what went wrong
You tend to get numb and you kind of get down
When they're fuckin' up your hometown
Fuckin' up your hometown