Menace To Society

Army Of One
Artist(s): G-$tack
Label: Black Toast Records

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Bob Mair (BMI) 45% / Don Reynolds (ASCAP) 10% / Joel Wachbrit (BMI) 45%

Black Toast Music (BMI) 45% / Calamari Music (BMI) 45% / Guerilla Funk Family Musicworx (ASCAP) 10%


Hip Hop, Instrumental, Male Vocal, Rap

Aggressive, Angels, Army, Arrest, Back Alley, Bar, Barrio, Bullet, City, Clown Dancing, Compton, Cop Show, Cops, Crime, Criminal, Dance, Dark, Death, Downtown, Drive By, Drugs, Dying, East LA, Gang, Gangsta, Ghetto, Gritty, Guns, Jail, Killers, Krump, Krump Dancing, Krumping, Mean, Mug Shot, Murder, NYC, New York, Night Club, Ominous, Prison, Radio, Scary, Shooting, South Central, Street, Streets, Struggle, Territorial, Thug, Tough, Violence, War

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Horns, Strings, Synthesizer




Time Signature:

Army Of One


I'm an Army of One
I don't trust nothin' but the end of my gun
When I'm in da hood, boy ya better run
Or ya gonna hafta answer to an Army of One
Ya better stand down or you'll be six feet under
Ya think ya own the streets well you ain't seen this mutha
I don't need no G to help me get it done
Cuz I'm an Army of One, yeah I'm an Army of One

Look at my grill
Betta grab ya shield
Or kryptonite tonight
Cuz I'm gonna drill
As soon as I see you
I'm a aim for ya dome
Precisely, boy I'm nice – Please!
I'm sqeezin' my chrome
Bl....att just like that
You in the parking lot of the club writhin' on ya back
And I ain't worried about a case
If they can't see ya face
And ya hands is missin'
After they deep sea fish ya!
Dey like to Rah Rah wit dat Blah Blah
Boy you'll mess around I'll have you screamin for ya Mama
We can pop tha trunk
If you wanna get crunk
Ya cover's blown crony
Dog, I know you a punk
I do my dirt on my own
I'm a rider solo playa- decide I'm sendin' you home
I bang on site
And when the time is right
You'll see me comin' up ya block
You in the danger zone tonight

Repeat Chorus

I got mo gunz
Chronic smoke in my lungs
I want you I won't stop until the task is done
We can tear the club up so what you got a crew
I'll take you sissies out when I pull these duel
Glock.45's as ya runnin' ya lips
It becomes real clear
When I unzip these clips
Give me all ya loot
Give me ya shoes
What u lookin' at sucka
Fool, run ya jewels
What happed to all that barkin' man
Y'all was laughin'
Runnin' round the club it was kinda bafflin'
Cause you know how I do my thing
Them tramps in ya ear had you gassed
So much drama I'll bring
Keep my head on a swivel
Smoke some weed- a little 'gnac
In da middle of the night
The last sound you heard was CRACK!!
No prints
No murder weapon
Roll one, Relax
A day in the life of a real G wearin' all black!

Repeat Chorus

Get caught up in ya hype
Playa please believe
When tha cutlass bends the corner
Dog, I'm aimed to squeeze
Automatic filled ya attic
Now you anesthes'd
Did you think when you started the static
You'd end up RIP'd
Now they pourin' out the liquor
Sad remembrances
Family devastated
Shoulda checked yo sentences
You don't wanna rumble homey
All bravados crumble homey
When you act like you don't know me
I'm a leave ya family lonely!

Repeat Chorus