Menace To Society

Feel The Pain
Artist(s): G-Stack
Label: Black Toast Records

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Bob Mair (BMI) 45% / Don Reynolds (ASCAP) 10% / Nick Vincent (BMI) 45%

Black Toast Music (BMI) 45% / Tony Vose Music (BMI) 45% / Guerilla Funk Family Musicworx (ASCAP) 10%


Hip Hop, Instrumental, Male Vocal, Rap

Aggressive, Angels, Arrest, Back Alley, Bar, Barrio, Bullet, City, Compton, Cop Show, Cops, Crime, Criminal, Dance, Dark, Death, Downtown, Drive By, Drugs, Dying, East LA, Gang, Gangsta, Ghetto, Gritty, Guns, Jail, Killers, Mean, Mug Shot, Murder, NYC, New York, Night Club, Ominous, Pain, Prison, Radio, Scary, Shooting, South Central, Street, Streets, Struggle, Territorial, Thug, Tough, Violence, War

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Strings, Synthesizer




Time Signature:

Feel The Pain

Feel the Pain

Yeah You're gonna feel the pain
You'll never be the same, Yeah
You're gonna feel the pain
You won't believe it
When you feel it

You're gonna feel the pain
You ain't never gonna be the same,
You're gonna feel the pain, Yeah
You won't believe it
When you feel it

1st Verse
You won't believe the pain (pause)
Full-time felon yall know my name, I slang
Quick to bang
I control a gang (pause)
Of rowdy-thug-gangstas
All united, we slang

More greens and coke than a little bit
Step outta line
We'll smoke you
Give the cops the fits

Bold, intemperate bro, so I get
Mo money than 'em all
Squeeze for the hell of it

Raised to hold heat
Thrived on seedy blocks
The game is all in me mayne
I can't stop

If I get the drop on you
I'm blastin', few
Survive a confrontation
Stop the beggin- your threw!
(long pause)
Of Newports in da pen
Make you fade to black

Repeat Chorus

You don't want to cross me
I'll make you feel da pain
Feel da pain

Talkin' a lot being flossy
I'll put 2 in ya brain
You don't want to test me

You don't want to cross me
Don't want to feel my reign
I'm insane

I'm insane

Love to bang

It's all over if I want you mayne

Repeat Chorus

In the middle of the street ya shake
Boy I'll rock your world
Like a violent quake
Stopped my cross-town rivals movin major weight
I'm servin all you suckas
I ain't givin no breaks

Repeat Chorus

2nd Verse
I'll go blow for blow
Rivalries fo' sho; (pause)
Ended violently over drugs and dough
You really didn't want confrontation yo
Cause I'm a killa for real
You've been shot befo'
(long pause)

I guess the message didn't sink in, and I guard my rep
I'm looking for homey- watch ya step
I was husslin' while you slept
Hit you five times, heard your mother wept

My side gangstas are the craziest
Homicides when des guns are blazin its (pause)
Real in da field
A'ready made a mil (pause)
Blew a mil, I'm still rakin' major scrill
(For Real?) (pause)

I'm really not playin' dude
Your eyes is shifty
If ya break my rules

You'll disappear quicker than a carton pack