Reggaeton Heat

Artist(s): Hanzel Y Ruben
Label: Black Toast Records

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Dennis Nieves (ASCAP) 50% / Hans Kauss (BMI) 25% / Ruben Rodriguez (ASCAP) 25%

Burnt Toast Music (ASCAP) 75% / Black Toast Music (BMI) 25%


Club, Dance, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Latin Hip Hop Rap, Male Vocal, R&B, Rap, Reggaeton, Urban

Aggressive, Alley, Barrio, Beach, Caribbean, City, Club, Cuba, Cuban, Cubano, Dance, Domination, Gang, Gangsta, Gangsters, Getto, Ghetto, Graffiti, Gritty, Guns, Hot, Humid, Immigration, Islands, Mexican, Mexico, Miami, Night Club, Night Life, Party, Puerto Rican, Puerto Rico, Sex, Sexual, Sexy, South Beach, Spanish, Steamy, Street, Strip Club, Sweaty, Taking Over, Thugs, Tuff, Urban

Drums, Synthesizer





Time Signature:



Duro...Asotala, Muevela, Tocala, Cojela
Para que ella coja de lo tuyo

Candela que prendela vela que queme la girla
Asotala, muevela, cojela, tocala dale una vuelta mas

Soy yo nena el que te haces suspirar
Jakial gozar nena, El que te pones mal
Tu cuerpo poder volar, Tu figura voy asotar
Yo se que te tu quiere mas
En la noche te voy a quemar
Toma mas y mas para poderte carisiar
Eso desde comensar, Tu ruido me pones fine
Pareces una fiera que quisiera yo casar
Tengo mi copeta pa ponerte a brincar
De arriba para abajo mami lo vas a meniar
Con esa figura tu me vas impactar
Cada vez que menea tu te pones a vibrar
No haga que lo prenda porque te voy asotar

Ch Repeat

Un Poco de lo mio lo que te voy a ofrecer
Pa que sabes tu cuerpito con un poco de miel
Hanzel, excel, Flaco leon Que te quieres mover
Mujer, Ponte en accion asi que ven
Tu y yo vamonos para el perreo
Corrillo, prendelo hora de el fumeteo
GDT activalo, saquen a esos feos
A el que se ponga bruto lo pegamos contra el suelo
Estas dispuesta y empeso la fiesta
No va aver siesta cual es tu respuesta
Saco los globo me acomodo pero de cualquir modo
Es hore que volte y te eche el adobo
Hanzel, Metele sopa con letra
La H.AN.Z.E.L pase le meta con palabras rapida
Como valas de metrealleta
Hace que te sueltes y te quites la pantaletas
Duro mas duro de todos duro lo sabes que trai...
Suda que suda el lo oscuro ya se ignore no pudo
Duro mas duro lo tengo regatta la gata como ella no para
Asi asi levantase y corre y persigue a mi me fasina cuando se rie

CH Repeat

Duro mas duro, te torturo,
Sabes que traigo mi escudo
Sudo que sudo, en lo oscuro,
Ya se que el otro no pudo

English Translated

( CH ) Hard... Hurt it, shake it, Play it, Take it
For you to take what is yours (4X)

The fire that lights the candle,
That burns the girls
Ravage her, move her, take her, touch her,
Give her another ride

It's me baby, the one who makes you sigh
Jump enjoy baby, you will get dizzy
Your body can fly,
You're figure I am going to ravage
I know you you want more
In the night, I am going to make you burn,
It takes more and more to caress you
That, from the start, your noise makes me feel fine
You look like a beast that I would like to hunt
I have my shot gun to make you jump
From top to bottom I'm gonna make you stir
you'll strike me with that figure
Every time you move your vibrate
Do not make that pledge because I'm going to Hit it

Repeat Ch

A Little bit of mine is what I'm going to offer you
I can rub your body with a little honey
Hanzel, excel, Flaco leon What you want to move
Women, Get in action so come
You and me let's go for perreo
Circle, turn it on save fumeteo
GDT check this, take out the uglys
Whoever acts stupid we'll pin to the floor
You are willing and the party has started
There'll be no siesta, what is your answer.
The balloons fly out but any way I settle...
You know you turn around and pour the marinade
Hanzel, Metele letter soup
The goal was H.A.Z.E.L with quick words
As I bring it forward. Like bullets from a machine gun
It makes you loose and take off your panties
Hard drive harder all know what I bringi...
Sweat, sweat, he, the darkness, I know, I ignored, I couldn't
I have it hard hardest as the cat, as she does not stop
So, so get up and run and follow me
Harder, Harder, I have it,
Regalta, the cat, like her, she doesn't stop
I'm fascinated by your laugh

Repeat CH