Menace To Society

Bullet To The Brain
Artist(s): G-$tack
Label: Black Toast Records

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Bob Mair (BMI) 45% / Don Reynolds (ASCAP) 10% / Nick Vincent (BMI) 45%

Black Toast Music (BMI) 45% / Tony Vose Music (BMI) 45% / Guerilla Funk Family Musicworx (ASCAP) 10%


Hip Hop, Instrumental, Male Vocal, Rap

Aggressive, Angels, Arrest, Back Alley, Bar, Barrio, Bullet, City, Compton, Cop Show, Cops, Crime, Criminal, Dance, Dark, Death, Downtown, Drive By, Drugs, Dying, East LA, Gang, Gangsta, Ghetto, Gritty, Guns, Jail, Killers, Mean, Mug Shot, Murder, NYC, New York, Night Club, Ominous, Prison, Radio, Scary, Shooting, South Central, Street, Streets, Struggle, Territorial, Thug, Tough, Violence, War

Bass, Drums, Guitar, Horns, Strings, Synthesizer




Time Signature:

Bullet To The Brain

Bullet to tha Brain

1st Verse
I'm tired of the game
I'm going insane
I feel the reaper stalkin'
I'm the one to blame

30 years servin', killin', and robbin'
Now I'm looking in the mirror
My trigga' finger's throbbin'

What can I do- there's nowhere to run
I got no education
For the love of the gun
I gave up on my future
Fathers save your sons
Cause my mother did her best
She couldn't save me from

Blood in me from the other half of the Tree
My Great Grand, Grand, and my Pops was G's
My first words was "Daddy"
Second one was "Freeze!!!"
I'm disgusted wit my life
Dog it's hard to breathe ('cuz)

It's gonna make me go insane
Gotta put a bullet to tha brain

It's gonna make me go insane
Gotta put a bullet to that brain

Like a dog passed his prime
Ain't no use, time to die

It's gonna make me go insane
Gotta put a bullet to tha brain

2nd Verse
I ran the gang
I killed for fame
Caused havoc on tha streets
Made 'em fear my name
You looked at me wrong
You'd get 2 in da brain
Now I look up and all I see's the same

Things that I did
Passed on to kids
Not even the dey teens
Pullin' 10 year bids
They looked up to me
And I convincingly
Led 'em all down the road to catastrophe

I knew one day that I would have to pay
For what I did to 'em
It's my casket day

I can feel it all around
I can hear the sound
Payback is a mutha
The game's claimed another

Repeat Chorus

3rd Verse
Too much to drink
Too much to smoke
A rat infested spot
No contacts for coke
A gangsta passed his prime
Wit' no love or hope
I'm in a daze
Lookin' for someone to choke

I've tried everything
Tryna kill da pain
I've loaded up da bullets
Man I'm going insane

I'm running outta time
No better days for me
Just dark nights
A street life casualty

Got the.45- one in da chamber
Tremblin', Overdosin' on anger
I'm hearin' voices this is too much pressure

All I see is bloodstains
From a bullet to my brain

Repeat Chorus