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Don't Mean Nothin'
Artist(s): St. John
Label: Black Toast Records

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Bob Mair (BMI) 45% / Nick Vincent (BMI) 45% / Richard Trapp (BMI) 10%

Black Toast Music (BMI) 45% / Tony Vose Music (BMI) 45% / Alchemetic Music (BMI) 10%


1990s, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Male Vocal, Rap

Alley, Barrio, Chill, City, Dark, Drive By, Drugs, Early 2000s, Gang, Gangsta, Ghetto, Guns, Laid Back, Late 90s, Mean, Mid 90s, Ominous, Prison, Scary, Street, Urban

Bass, Drums, Strings, Synthesizer




Time Signature:

Don't Mean Nothin'


Don't mean nothin', don't mean nothin'
(For the ones that didn't make it)
Don't mean nothin', don't mean nothin'
(For the ones that are fakin' it, it don't mean nothin' to me)
Don't mean nothin', don't mean nothin'
(Got you spotted, got you spotted)
Don't mean nothin', don't mean nothin'
That's right, you know, you know

Pop pop -- the shots get dropped like the rag top and the beats don't stop
Like Mr. King and the cops sellin' rocks on the block
It's the have and have-nots, I'll never be spotted
Got a camouflage physique and when I speak
You know your knees might buckle country huckleberry
Follow my lead to plant seeds, a new breed, no greed
Everybody get money in the land of honey
Milk go down smoother than silk, I'm well-built
Got 5 years in the tank to thank, I got bank and a certain amount of lovelies
A couple of them be ugly but they're the best, see
Kid I heard you tried to smoke me but I'm a local low g.,
Concentrate and focus, no hocus-pocus, the jokers get assassinated
Fascinated by the number of caskets at the end of the day
See the real steel shining lining clouds - I don't play

(I'm a veteran, see --- I got eyes in the back of my dome peace)
(I won't rest 'til I cease -- I'm about to show you how we do it)

You see the second verse about the smashing universe
I don't rehearse I spit bursts - used to snatch a couple of purses
Smoked out in the back route real smooth then moving no doubt
Laser in the middle of your dome scope I roam hope you're home
All alone cut the lines to the telephone bangin' like a metronome
Drop a dime make a rhyme, gettin' it right every time
Don't turn around - I'm right behind you
Play you and rewind you, fast-forward 'cos the truth is stranger than fiction
My diction's so precise I lead the blind to light I'm not askin' you to fight
I'm like a falcon in flight, 'cos this could be your last night so act right
Quit cryin', why you lyin? I'm detecting a fatal flaw in your inflection
You see the street's hot heat, no guessin', I'm a lethal weapon
If you have to ask the question you get blasted in all directions

(Yeah no more questions, see -- leave it up to the p-o-l-i-c-e)
(you never catch me g., never catch me -- too fast homey)

No doubt crack it open -- sip on the concrete yeah

Blood on my shoulders as I get a little older, pulla heist and rock ice
AS if my body was frozen, I'm chosen no supposin'
Got a load on my back, makes me rock like boulders, I smolder
I simmer 'cos I'm known to hold heat
Open the door, '64, low slow in my seat
If you got an extra beat I got multiple personalities, so smoked out
I got doubt about reality, no doubt

Yeah, no doubt, it don't mean nothin', see -- 'co I'm ruthless, g.)
From south cen to the L.B.C. uhh -- east side where we reside yeah)
Low little shorty like this little shorty like that - in the place to be see)
Yeah don't stop don't stop -- you see me comin' on your block,
You can't do nothin' about it see
Yeah roll up middle of the night, whatever you know
Don't mean nothin' -- been in the game for too long, kid
So don't play shorty don't play shorty don't play uhh
So it's goin' out to all my homies, you know what I mean yeah
Pour a sip on the concrete -- for the ones that didn't make it
For the ones that are fakin' it, it don't mean nothin' to me,
It don't mean nothin', yeah, come on

(C) 2001 Lyrics and Music by Bob Mair, Nick Vincent and Richard Trapp