Bring It On
Artist(s): Slur-P

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Bob Mair (BMI) 33.34% / David Armitage (BMI) 33.33% / Nick Vincent (BMI) 33.33%

Tony Vose Music (BMI) 33.33% / Tech Styles Music (BMI) 33.33% / Black Toast Music (BMI) 33.34%


Alternative, Hip Hop, Indie, Instrumental, Male Vocal, Pop, Rap, Rock, Rock Alternative Pop

Aggressive, Alley, Barrio, City, Club, Cop Show, Dark, Death, Drive By, Drugs, Energy, Gang, Gangsta, Ghetto, Guns, Mean, Ominous, Party, Prison, Promo, Scary, Sex, Shooting, Sports, Street, Strip Club, Urban

Bass, Brass, Drums, Guitar, Horns, Synthesizer




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Bring It On


Man these little fools think they can step up and try to question my authority
Don't they know it's life or death out here in the city streets
Rockin' these gritty beats, please

Ill disease manifest in violent fantasies and tendencies to overreact attack and ransack villages the pillager like Ghengis Khan you relate the source of infinite hate that motivates a killer the shark the 24-7 hunter red eyes gleam search for the mark wak MC on pipe dream step to the cipher to sharpen my claws loosen some jaws give final rites say goodnight and send 'em home in a box my fight not I'm hyped ready for war check my arsenal and strap refresh ammo and head for the door want a firefight slide into the night a deadly shadow that could shift the stitch of the fates with one riff and unleash a massacre I'm blastin master assassin on the warpath can't hold back it's full blast comin ill to correct catch wreck and snap necks with some raw ass funk no need for special effects

Bring it on
You wanna play me
Think I'm crazy
I'm gonna show you
Blow you away
I can take anything you got
Shoot your shot wake up cause
I own this game

Lab explosion you're dozin I'm swingin for the balcony rows and your flows are stopping at your toes your sole projection you're clothes and watch chose to perfection grab the steel and your as real as 'its at a porno convention I outbox you one handed outfox at every twist and turn of my command of reckless abandon more shots landed your crew can't stand it watchin my underhanded tactics expose your need for more practice I'm sharp like cactus spikes light up the mike and rock block your weakness while I freak this hip hop true MC battle me and be left in memory or just forgotten as one more fate who's style is rotten you're a seed that never sprouted you never made the first stage when I engage I'm lethal as a twelve gauge at close range my battle axioms are razor sharp practice the dark arts I'll cut out your heart from the start your marked


There's no escape from this reality just another casualty of combat better go back slow down your drum track in fact start from scratch cause your whole style is wak soundin like a Jack Kerowac crack flashback I react my instinct go for the throat I wanna hear you choke disappear in a cloud of my gun smoke <> hope defeated I'm top seated royally treated warnings should be headed true contenders needed I'll repeat it if I must stay weeded when I bust I outlast and outpace the enemy is crushed dust to dust ashes to ashes they all fall down retain my crown go down in history books and catch jealous looks take off my cape and dance around like godfather James Brown when you hear the funky sound you know its time to get down the mike burner bomb sparker drive the party insane so bring it on 'cause I own this game y'hear bring it to me