CaiNo (feat. Trappaz Zo)

CaiNo (feat. Trappaz Zo)

Mr. Get Back
Artist(s): CaiNo (feat. Trappaz Zo)

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Marcus Cohen (ASCAP) 100%

Burnt Toast Music (ASCAP) 100%


Hip Hop, Instrumental, Male Vocal, Rap, Trap

Alcohol, Bling, Boss, Car, Cash, City, Club, Desire, Dirty South, Druggy, Drugs, Explicit Lyrics, Hustle, Hypnotic, Limo, Money, Party, Rich, Southern, Streets, Stripper Pole, Thug, Tough, Trial, Trippy, VIP, Young

Bass, Claps, Drums, Synths




Time Signature:

Mr. Get Back

Still talkin money that's that doe ish
Flyest go-getter and you know it
Eat with all my homies that I roll wit
This is 8ball music to a whole brick
Mr get back homie on the get back x3
If it's all about a check then let me get that
Feelin like a boss feelin feelin like a boss x4

Countin the money and stackin them bands
Chef in the kitchen I'm cookin the yams
Finessin them jugs and trappin them grams
I get to the money you don't understand
Time to get littie and run thru the city
Got hundreds and fiftys
Got drums on the 50
Got shooters that's with me you dig me you dig me
You wanna get busy then come n get with me
Bossed up on flex, need a AP or rolex
I'm like KD wit 2 techs
When I shoot boy your shit wet
Diamonds dancing they wet
I'm on comma digits and checks
I'm a go getter for that bankroll
That money here on deck
I'm just tryna get it whip it flip it pitch it make it go
Trappaz on me clip em rip em spit em what you take me for, nah
Never been no _itch
Never been no suckaz
Man I keep me a clip, cuz I don't trust mutha uggaz
Trapped up on go, four pound four oh
I give that green light on your homeboys
That there mean go
We go hard since day one
Me and all my day ones
That NWA ish, we spray ish wit them k guns
Certified this G ish, white work keep weed lit
People bleed like I do, better them bleed than me _itch
We catch wreck and we wreck homies
Shooters wit me on deck homie
Throw bullets see you picked off
Round here we intercept homies


Squeezin round the city, flexin like I'm Nino
Dealin wit them pookies and money like casinos
Getting G money, breakin down them kilos
Course if you a boss then you make your whole team known
I got the sauce now wipe me off
FA on em, I am the boss
Play wit them sticks just not lacrosse
30 shot clips that'll knock you off
Know you heard nigga got the word
I got white n**** I got birds
I got pounds n**** I got herb
Bitches gimme brain n**** I got nerves
I got the urge just to up and splurge
Throw on my ice n**** rock my firs
Everything Gucci and the wrist on burn
Money in my pocket getting rich off her
I'ma go HAM nigga I'ma go HAM
I'ma go Ferrari I'ma go Lam
I'ma go white n**** I'ma go tan
Trap full of white like the Ku Klux Klan